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Problem #1 - Gantry Load Application
We were asked to design and build an automatic
gantry loading system to pick up cylindrical shafts from a hopper,
insert them between the wheels of a centre less grinder, transfer
the finished work to a gauging station, and finally place them onto
a conveyor for onward transit. Ease of installation, reliability of
operation and definite positional control were specifications that
had to be met.

Our Solution
Two 40mm diameter, 1200mm stroke Origa Rodless Cylinders were utilized. One was mounted onto an overhead gantry, the other incorporated as part of the moving carriage guide. Three definite stop positions were achieved by cross-connecting the piston yokes of the cylinders which enabled two stage lateral indexing of the work piece. Using Origa Rodless Cylinders we were able produce a high speed, automatic handling machine that proved extremely effective and reliable. Origa cylinders are compact, completely sealed and do not require complex guidance mechanisms; features which enhanced the neat appearance of this installation.

Problem #2 - Product Centering Application
In industrial environments, the requirement to centralize products on a
conveyor is a commonplace for auto-handling installations, packaging, filling
and assembly machinery.

Our Solution
The OSP-EBP bi-parting belt drive is a logical choice for centering products
on installations in which product size varies considerably and for which it is
impractical to adjust the position of centering guides on the associated
conveyor. Control of the centring force to prevent crushing the product or overloading of
the actuator or drive motor, may be achieved in various ways:

  • The use of servo or stepper motors with position control enables products
    with known dimensions to be accurately moved to predefined positions.
  • Current control of electric motors, to limit the output torque, enables the
    carriers to be safely closed to a stall situation.
  • For low cost installations, air motors may be utilized, for which torque
    limitation can be achieved by simple pressure control.

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