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Problem #1 - Automated Baking Application
A major U.S. food processing company in the consumer products market approached with a problem. Packaging of portion controlled crackers designed for the restaurant and food service markets was suffering from continued downtime. The combination of loading, and the required production speeds and cycles, caused the gradual misalignment of the separate rodless cylinder and linear bearing units
employed in the application. In turn, this led to complete system failure and a costly realignment

Our Solution
The single unit Powerslide from Hoerbiger-Origa replaced the separate cylinder and guide previously supplied by Tol-O-Matic. Installed as an integral actuation-guidance system, the Powerslide is prealigned and never goes out of alignment, even under the repetitive, high duty-cycle conditions. Powerslide delivers very high reliability levels: there has been no downtime in the linear motion system at the company in the 12 month operating period following the fitment of Hoerbiger-Origa equipment. As a one-piece unit, Powerslide cuts down engineering and installation time and costs, and has been easily retrofitted to the existing machines.

Problem #2 - Lab Filler Applciation
A manufacturer of an automated laboratory system needed to raise a vial to a fill position where powder was to be discharged. A vacuum operation subsequently took place, which was repeated
several times.

Our Solution
An Origa P210/20 Rodless cylinder was used with a platform attached to the yoke; the cylinder itself is forming a major structural member of the unit. The results were reduced engineering content, increased safety and a cost effective solution.


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