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Problem #1 - Automotive Tool Tray
Most modern Automotive production units utilise moving assembly lines, in which assembly workers operate from moving platforms along side the main assembly conveyor. To maintain high levels of efficiency, the assembly workers need the right tools to be readily at hand at every step of the assembly and for this reason it is important that tool-holders are also mobile.
When addressing this problem, we looked for a simple reliable system, which could be easily and economically installed and maintained.

Our Solution
A complete pneumatic solution was needed, based on the ORIGA SYSTEM PLUS rodless pneumatic cylinder. An OSP-P actuator fitted with Slideline integrated linear guides carries the tool holder and provides smooth controlled movement, synchronised to the speed of the assembly line. When a car enters the assembly station, the operating sequence is activated by a lever valve, the rodless cylinder traverses the tool-holder along side the assembly worker to the end of the workstation, at which points a pneumatic roller valve actuates the return stroke.

Problem #2 - Side Loading Application
An automotive assembly plant which produces full size pick up trucks, uses many Hoerbiger-Origa rodless cylinders throughout the plant. In one area of the plant, the body side moldings are installed on vehicle. The body side moldings are installed on the main assembly line and the plant cannot afford down time on this line. The fixture to install these moldings used a competitor’s rodless air cylinder with no linear guides. Due to the lateral forces applied to the cylinder, the plant was experiencing numerous failures. The plant was looking to correct this problem.

Our Solution
Personnel from Harold Simmons Industrials, the local distributor for Hoerbiger-Origa, worked closely with the plant maintenance and engineering department to integrate a Powerslide cylinder into the existing fixture. A review of the application showed with a properly applied guided cylinder to handle the lateral moments, the cylinder bore size could be reduced. The guided cylinder has been installed and has been working non-stop, with excellent results. The plant is now retrofitting other fixtures in the plant with the new OSP Powerslide Cylinder. The properly sized cylinder will also show a savings in compressed air.

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