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Problem #1 - Material Support Arm
The original automatic sewing machine used a large metal arm powered by a conventional rod-type cylinder to collect and stack finished lengths of cloth. However, this method was bulky, potentially dangerous for the operator and visually unsightly.

Our Solution
The company utilized the inherent rigidity and self-guiding properties of an Origa Rodless Cylinder. A 32mm diameter, 300mm stroke Origa cylinder, controlled by signal from the sewing machine, shuttles a transverse beam across the top of the stacking frame, collecting a length of material on each inward stroke. Using the unique properties of Origa Rodless Cylinders, this company has replaced a heavy, bulky fixed machine with a light mobile framework that is safe in operation. The Origa cylinder proved easy to install, extremely reliable, and rendered the machine more appealing to prospective customers.

Problem #2 - Vertical Stacker
Traditionally, the Textiles Industry has used manual operatives to transfer fabric from a vertical stack onto an adjacent workstation. This action is highly inefficient and becomes progressively more
tiring for the operator.

Our Solution
Our solution to this problem was to automate the entire transfer process by using two Origa Rodless Cylinders. A 40mm diameter vertical cylinder raises the stack to a level determined and maintained by optical sensor. A specially designed fabric gripper attached to the piston yoke of a 25mm dia Horizontal Cylinder transfers the top piece only of the fabric stack to the workstation 1 metre away. The units are sequenced using a small P.L.C. process control system. This company resolved their problem by utilizing the inherent rigidity and self-guiding properties of Origa Rodless Cylinders.
This cost effective solution has provided a simple, purpose built machine to improve workflow.

Problem #3 - Flying Knife Application
To provide a quick and accurate method of cutting lengths of 0.5mm thick synthetic material from a roll 3000mm wide moving at speeds up to 150 meters per minute.

Our Solution
A knife attached to the piston yoke of an Origa Rodless Cylinder mounted directly above the roll ensures a fast, accurate cut at speeds up to 4 meters per second. The results were great, it provided them an easy way to install as a retrofit, the install costs were small and the running costs are next to none. They were provided with optional cutting lengths and production increased by 50 percent.

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