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Problem #1 - Box Lifting
A manufacturer of domestic appliances required a handling system to lower washing machine shells from an overhead store to a feed conveyor supplying 14 assembly lines, a distance of two meters.

Our Solution
A platform directly attached to the piston yoke of a 80mm Origa Rodless Cylinder provided an automatic pneumatic lift system. The results, ease of installation, quiet/smooth operation, operational flexibility and virtually maintenance free.


Problem #2 - Drum Transfer
To automate the transfer of partly completed tumble drier drums between workstations in a factory where space is at a premium.

Our Solution
A suction head for lifting the drums is directly attached to the piston yoke of a 40mm diameter 700mm stroke Origa Rodless Cylinder. This cylinder is assembled to a plate traversed by two Origa cylinders of the same diameter and 2000mm stroke length operating in tandem. The results,self-guiding mechanism, rapid repeated operation, smooth and accurate movement and easy installation on limited space.

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