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Problem #1 - Box Pusher
The problem , one conveyor line supplies empty cartons to 24 individual packaging stations. A means of diverting the boxes to each line was required. With very limited space in between the lines, Walkers realized that conventional cylinders were not suitable, as the extended piston rods would have required a further two feet of space for each line.

Our Solution
By using 24 Origa 40 mm diameter Rodless cylinders with stroke lengths of 4513 mm, each fitted with a steel plate fixed directly to the yoke of the cylinder, it was possible to divert the boxes to each of the required lines. And because the cylinder works within its own length, it was possible to mount the cylinders underneath the conveyor. Due to the Origa cylinders, Walkers have been able to design a very compact, simple and highly effective means of distributing the boxes.

Problem #2 - Bag Open & Fill
A company designing food packaging machinery required a unit that would position and open folded bags prior to filling with them powdered products. Conventional long stroke cylinders were tried, but were ejected due to space constraints and piston rod bowing that caused damage to seals and the support mechanisms.

Our Solution
The company designed a machine to extract a folded bag from a magazine. A 25mm diameter Origa Rodless Cylinder advanced a fixed vacuum plate to the free side of the bag, which was opened on the retraction stroke. Rigidity, self-guidance, bi-directional operation and a stroke length within overall body length are all features that made Origa Cylinders the only viable option in this application. The compactness of Origa cylinders together with their reliability, reduced the space required by 50%, and maintenance downtime. This company has produced an extremely cost-effective machine for a worldwide export market, which is enhanced by the international availability of Origa Rodless Cylinders.

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