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Pneumatic Cylinders/Actuators

These series of cylinders — AZ, AZV, NZK, R, and SZ series — cover a wide range of applications. Options include single and double acting versions, through piston rod and a wide selection of diameters and stroke lengths. With our pneumatic cylinders, you'll find:

  • A wide range of standard or special units
  • Non-rotating versions
  • Twin Rod Cylinders
  • Compact Cylinders
  • Smooth travel and optimum guidance
  • Flexible mounting solutions
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High temperature and harsh environment options

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Rodless Pneumatic Cylinders & Linear Drive Guides
Our Pneumatic rodless cylinder is designed for maximum strength and minimum weight — offering complete flexibility for design engineers. The OSP-P cylinder's compact design combines actuation, guidance and control. And it includes modular accessories and components. The OSP-P is available in pneumatic and electric drive types and offers:

  • Stainless steel sealing band for ultra low-friction travel
  • Low-profile piston with optimum guidance
  • Single-end and multi-position air supply options
  • Extended seal life for minimum of 8,000 km operation
  • High direct-load carrying capacity
  • Stroke lengths up to 6000 mm (longer on request)

View Catalogues*: 2000 & P120 Rodless Pneumatic ; OSP-P Series ; Aluminum Linear Guides ;View CAD Drawings ;
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Pneumatic Valves
We offer a comprehensive range of valves with versatile modular design cover complete control requirements from simple single actuator operation to complex sequencing systems. The S9 series is the essential element of the range, designed for in-line, panel and manifold mounting, together with field bus capability. The system includes an extensive range of modular options: mechanical, manual, pneumatic solenoid and low energy Piezo operators.

  • Simple, robust valves for complex control sequences
  • Durability designed for lubricated or non-lubricated air
  • Easy installation and maintenance

View Catalogues*: ISO & VDMA Valves; Intereference Valves; Body Parted Valves ; View CAD Drawings ;
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Airline Preparation Equipment
Air preparation units are made to meet the highest standards of compressed air. The Airfit range, including filters, coalescing filters, lubricators, and regulators, combines’ superior technical performance with top-quality components.
View Catalogues*: AirFit Catalogue ; View CAD Drawings ; SImmons Single Point Lube
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