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Hosing & Hosing Assemblies
We distribute for industry leading manufactures of hosing and hosing assemblies. We have the right hose solution to meet your needs. Air hose, Automotive Hose, Chemical & Acid Hose Food handling hose, Spray Hose, General Purpose Hose and much more. Hydraulic hose and High Pressure Teflon hose availble.
View Catalogues*: Industrial Hose ; Teflon Hose ; Hydraulic Hose Fittings ; Lebris Hosing
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Fittings & Couplings
Fittings and couplings for your every need, look through the catalogues below and let us know what you need and we will have it available for you immediately.
View Catalogues*: Versa Brass Fittings 1 & 2 ; Couplings & Clamps ; Legris Fittings & Couplers ; Fairview Fittings & Couplings
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We have hydraulic valves, air valves, everytype of valve you could possibly imagine.
View Catalogues*: Fairview Valves ; Legris Ball Valves ;
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* This does not reflect everything we offer if you dont find what you are looking for please contact us by phone and we will work with you to find what you need.